Packaged Drinking Water

We are packing the manufactured water in various different Packaging sizes such as BT Jar of 10 Litres & 20Litres, Pet bottles of 300ml, 500ml, 1Litre & 2Litres, 5 Litres, 200 & 500ml of Sachets.

We have a dedicated plant for manufacturing packaged drinking water by using the latest and advanced water purification technology or methods. This is mainly done to derive the purest form of water free of germs or chemicals.

Pet Bottle Manufacturing

We specialize in manufacturing PET BOTTLES for packaged drinking water. We adopt various filtration methods and process to get drinking water as pure as rain drops. This water is again packed into bottles of different sizes and litres. We can have an ability to supply pet bottles of various sizes and shapes as per the customer requirements.

Water Packing Pet Bottles are processed using pure raw materials. These raw materials are procured from leading suppliers. These PET Bottles are light in weight and available in various sizes from 200 ML to 20LT with neck sizes 28mm/30mm. These are also available in different shapes and colours.

Plastic Cap Manufacturing

We manufacture caps for packaged drinking water bottles. We use food grade plastic to prevent from harmful chemicals or germs. These caps are placed exactly on top of the pet bottles or jar and sealed tightly to ensure security from contamination.